Dream of the Shaman
Shamanic Services

Shamanic Services

Shamanism in Today’s World

Contemporary Shamans have been trained in the knowledge of the ancient indigenous medicine people. The term shaman means “one who sees” or to some, “one who sees in the dark”.  We utilize this training and our connection to Spirit to work with you to heal the physical, emotional, mental or Spiritual issues that you are experiencing.  We believe that all illnesses are connected to a lack of balance within our true selves and with our Mother Earth and are reflections of issues held in our “light bodies” -that field of energy that surrounds us all and contains our true nature as beings of Spirit. Our mission is to help bring you to a state of Ayni, or “right relationship” with the world around you.  Picture your being as a set of Russian nesting dolls, the inside doll is your physical body containing all the molecules and cells that make up your physical self.  Surrounding and informing your physical body (the next larger Russian nesting doll) is your mental/emotional body or the mind. The brain itself belongs to the physical body but the mind operates outside of the physical.  The next larger nesting doll is the level of the soul, that part of you that deals with your higher consciousness.  Finally, the largest doll and the outermost part of you is pure energy, the energy of spirit or what we refer to as your luminous energy field (the LEF). Modern medicine treats the innermost part of you- the physical, while the Shamans believe that all dis-ease must be first dealt with in the LEF for true healing to take place.  This healing is accomplished with the aid and assistance of the spirits of the lineage of healers.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanic Healing is deeply and specifically targeted healing.  Spirit guides direct the healing session and many different techniques may be used.  Energy work, chakra clearing, and soul retrieval may all be a part of healing.

Shamanic services will be performed at Be Here Now fitness / wellness center. The duration of each session will last 1-2 hours. Please contact us directly for scheduling.

$100 initial consultation

$150 for each additional session

Private Intuitive Spirit Readings and Shamanic Stone Readings

Readings are performed in line with Shamanic practice and divination using oracle cards and/or stone readings.  Messages may be centered around physical, emotional or spiritual healings, personal or professional life paths and other areas of concern you may have.  Please come prepared with information regarding the issues you are seeking guidance for. Contact us to schedule.

$200 for one hour

$125 for 1/2 hour