Dream of the Shaman

Dream of the Shaman

The Shaman dreams the world into being. - A. Villoldo


Our Mission

The healer’s path is to walk the earth with respect and humility, working to bring balance in to the world by actively working with Spirit to find healing for individuals or situations. We are here in service to Spirit and all life on our Mother Earth. We believe that everyone has come here with a purpose and mission, and it is our responsibility to help you, according to your needs. Whether through healing sessions, Spirit readings, or training classes, it is always our intention to help you along your path to realize your soul purpose.

About Us

Michelle & Mike

Michelle and Michael Kilgore have been practicing Reiki in tandem for twelve years.  As opposed to a single-practitioner session, Tandem Reiki allows the client a deeper healing experience.  The complimentary nature of their energy work augments the effectiveness of a client’s healing during and after the session.

Reverend Michael Kilgore

Michael has been practicing Shamanic healing since 2011.  He is a graduate of the Four Winds Society Master Practitioner of Energy Healing program, a Master of Mayan Ira’Ku healing techniques, Gendai Reiki Master/Instructor, an intuitive spiritual reader and gifter of The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki’.  In addition, Michael offers spiritual consultations and ministerial services.

Michelle Kilgore

Michelle received her Gendai Reiki master credentials in 2010.  She had been instinctively practicing Reiki on her newborn son in 2004, and immediately wanted to know more once she learned that similar modalities already existed.  Since that time, she has become certified in Advanced Healing Techniques, studied Shamanic healing practices, and is also a gifter of The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki’.