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Classes / Gifting

Gifting of the Rites of the Munay Ki’

The indigenous people of the high Andes in Peru (the Q’ero) have a prophecy of the New Pachakuti, or cycle of the world. This prophecy is tied to the ending of the Mayan long count calendar 26,000-year world cycle that famously ended in 2012. This prophecy says in part that the new Earthkeepers would come from the West and help to heal Mother Earth and all her creatures after centuries of abuse. In 1996 a group of Pacos (the Shamans, or medicine people of the Q’ero) gathered on Mount Ausangate with Western seekers and brought down the initiations of the Munay-Ki’ so that these powerful initiations could be transmitted human to human and be gifted to many. These gifts are presented as “seeds of power” installed in the receiver’s light body by the gifter. Like the seeds you would plant in a flower pot, these seeds must be nurtured and grown into a beautiful garden. As we work with these seeds we begin to transform into the next expression of our being, from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous, which is seen as the next step in human evolution. We learn and accept responsibility for Kausay Pacha which is the life force imbued in all things. The goal is to achieve the Tarpay Pacha, or “golden age” for all.

The word “Munay” means love and Ki’ refers to life energy so it is literally the energy of love for all things. The rites offered are initiations into different facets of our existence as light beings. The Munay Ki’ is specifically designed for the Western world to help bring us back into ayni, or right relationship with the world around us. These Rites are meant to be a living tradition, to evolve and grow with us. They are meant to be simple, accessible and inclusive. There are 3 key principals of the Munay Ki’:

  1. Yachay– Having clear vision and calm thinking.
  2. Munay– Unencumbered love and feeling for all of life
  3. Liankay– Right doing or love in action

The first Karpay or Rite you will receive is the Hampe Karpay or Healer’s Rite. This initiation connects us the lineage of healers stretching both backwards and forwards in time. We feel their presence aiding us in our healing work. The second Rite is the Bands of Power or Chumpi Karpay. This Rite connects us with the 5 elements of earth, water, air, fire, and Spirit and expresses themselves as bands of energetic power that break down heavy energies and connect us to the power of Mother Earth, the elements, and the Spirit realm. The third Rite is the Ayni Karpay or the Harmony Rite. In this Rite, we connect with the Archetypes which are images from our collective subconscious of the energies around us. The fourth Rite is the Seer’s Rite or Kawak Karpey, that aids us in seeing in a deeper and more meaningful way. This Rite will connect both your third eye chakra and heart charka and helps us to see in a more energetic way as opposed to seeing the visual spectrum of light. Together these four Rites comprise the Foundation Rites and are the basis for moving forward.

The second group of Rites are the Lineage Rites. The first is the Daykeeper Rite, or the Pampa Mesayok Karpay. This Rite connects us to the lineage of the daykeepers and with the divine feminine energy of nurturing and caring for Mother Earth, tending to the alters and praying to the new day. While the energy is that of the divine feminine, both men and women can work as daykeepers. Next is the Wisdomkeeper Rite, or Alto Mesayok Karpey which links us with the linage of people that keep the old knowledge alive and well. This energy connects strongly to the divine masculine (which is very different from toxic masculinity). The Wisdomkeeper connects with the energy of Mother Earth and connects to all the great knowledge stored in her rocks and waters. The third lineage rite is the Earthkeeper Rite or Kurak Akuyek Karpey. The lineage of the Earthkeepers connects to great masters who are aware of the complexity of the Earth as a whole and view it as a singular system with many complex subsystems that work to support Earth as a single organism. The Earthkeeper assumes responsibility for all of life on the Earth.

The third group of Rites are the Rites of the Time to Come. The first of these is the Starkeeper’s Rite or the Mosoq Karpay. This rite serves to change our concept of time as linear and instead recognize the fluidity of that we call “time”. It works to unburden us of our past and help us to move into a space where we can clear the slate of our destiny and move forward to our journey to becoming Homo Luminous. It also helps to clear our collective past so that healing can begin, and we can assume our role as co-creators of the world. The second of these Rites is the Creators Rite or the Taitanchis Rantis Karpey which invites us to discover our infinite nature. It allows us to accept our role as co-creators of this world. The Shamans of the Andes recognize that creation is an ongoing process and that we are each individually and collectively responsible for participating. This Rite allows us to do this consciously to create a better, more loving world that is the Golden Age seen by the Ancients.

The tenth and final rite is The Rite of the Womb or Kisma Karpey. This Rite was added in 2014 as a healing transmission for women that have suffered throughout time. It is designed for the honoring and healing of the Womb. While men can be present for the ceremony, the gift is for women only. Men will hold sacred space for the ceremony.

Munay Ki’ can be gifted over the course of two days to several weeks.  The cost is $300.  Click here to see when these initiations will be offered again, or contact us if you are interested in hosting or attending a gifting of the rites.

Gendai Reiki Training

Reiki is a healing modality that uses Divine Healing Energy to promote relaxation, stress reduction and healing of the light body.  The study of Reiki will teach you how to call on this energy and use it to promote healing and well-being.  Reiki is taught in four levels; the fourth level confers Mastership and the ability to attune others to this Divine healing energy.  Click here for upcoming class dates.

  • Gendai Reiki Level 1 – $200
  • Gendai Reiki Level 2 – $300
  • Gendai Reiki Level 3 – $375
  • Gendai Reiki Level 4 – Contact Us (We will offer level 4 certification to those that have taken at least level 3 with us)