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Reiki Simplified

Modern Science has demonstrated that everything that exists is made up of energy with its own vibrational signature.  Reiki works with the energy that makes up and flows through your body.  It works to bring your natural energy back to balance, clears out blockages to the flow of energy, and enhances your natural physical and emotional healing abilities.

Reiki originated in Japan in the early 20th century.  The origin of the word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei”, meaning universal, and “ki” meaning life energy.

The areas in the body where a person experiences physical or emotional discomfort may contain energy stagnation.  Working as a conduit, a practitioner will use various hand positions on or above a client’s “chakras” (focal energy points), guiding Reiki into their energy field, thus helping to facilitate an overall balanced and harmonious energy flow.  Feelings of peace and well-being, mental clarity, and reduced physical pain and dis-ease are all results of a balanced chakra system.  Reiki also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Your Seven Chakras (focal energy points)

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Mental Health

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What to Expect for your Private Reiki Session

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Before and during your session:

Reiki sessions are administered in a calm, safe and comfortable space.  Clients should wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothing. Generally, clients will lay on their backs, however Reiki will work the same regardless of how the client is positioned on the table.  Blankets and pillows will be available to help the client remain comfortable during the session.  The duration of the session can last anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour depending on the intention of the client.

We will discuss with you your intention for healing.  This will be documented so that we may help you track the progression of your healing.  Reiki is traditionally administered with “hands-on” touch, however because a client’s energy field extends outwards from the body, physical touch is not required by the practitioner.  You will be asked prior to starting the session if touch is acceptable.

After your session:

Oftentimes Reiki energy will put a client to sleep during the session, or simply fill one with a deep sense of relaxation.  Clients are encouraged to spend a few minutes on the table for grounding. It is recommended to drink plenty of water for 24 hours after a session.